MEDITICE® a cloud healthcare professional diagnostic imaging services, 24/7 online real-time appointment booking and diagnostic imaging centre management ecosystem, dramatically improves the accessibility for referred, referral and self-refer patients to receive the consultation, diagnosis and treatment they require at the time and location most convenient to them.

MEDITICE® Improves patient acquisition and retention, drives centre optimisation and efficiency, ensures centre utilisation is delivered, increases centre revenue and ultimately fast tracks the patient care plan.  

MEDITICE® Making Diagnostic Imaging Accessible

MEDITICE® Features

24/7 consumer self-refer, referred and referral booking pathways. Defined triage services, through to private medical and consultant referral.
Develop patient centric services and pricing, onboard new diagnostic imaging centres and manage service availability geographically.
Improve staff retention, efficiency and optimise their day-to-day tasks. Manage staff level, schedule workflow and compliancy needs dynamically.
Analyse and improve business operational efficiency from appointment acquisition through to the medical reporting process flow.
Customisable data during a booking process and pass via the Industry standard DICOM MWL communication to any modality equipment.
Profitability relies on timely billing & payment. eCommerce payment, Invoicing and Private medical enabled for seamless accounting.

MEDITICE® is the only solution for your Diagnostic Imaging CENTRE.

Patient Communication

Patient appointment communication and reminders to eliminate no shows


256-BIT encryption, Healthcare HIPAA compatible hosting

Online Booking Pathways

Multiple appointment booking pathways for self-referral, referrers and referred patients

Process Automation

Programatic scheduling logic to optimise and improve centre operation

Private Medical Enabled

Regional cost zoning, booking pathways and billing for private medical insurance referrals

Ease of Use

Engaging user experience to ensure diagnostic imaging clinic efficiency and patient engagement

Integrating with world leading providers