Patient Engagement

MEDITICE® provides you with the tools to acquire and connect with patients online during their care with you.


With people living fast paced lives, it’s not always easy for patients to call during diagnostic imaging centre operational hours.  MEDITICE® 24/7 online bookings mean that you’ll never miss a patient appointment acquisition opportunity again. 

Define bespoke booking pathways for individuals, referrers, healthcare professionals and organisations to ensure you deliver the scan service to the appropriate audience.  Scan service appointment booking can be carried out via your admin team, reside on your marketing website for empowering patient self booking or via the referral portal. 

Complex scan services can be defined for triaging only prior to appointment booking, that enables HCP intervention and further patient engagement to ensure the correct scan type is assigned as a duty of care.  

MEDITICE® partners with the World’s most established payment gateways to ensure PCI DSS compliance, integrity and resilience is delivered during the transaction process.  By partnering with the leading gateways MEDITICE® caters for many payment types from card transactions through to ApplePay, Google Pay and PayPal if required.

A Private Medical Insurance module is integrated to enable medical referral booking pathways, a validation process, invoice creation and reconciliation.


MEDITICE® provides customer touch-points during their care with you to ensure your customer is informed and at ease during the full journey from acquisition, appointment booking and diagnosis reporting phases. 

We use live chat to enable personal engagement with one of your healthcare professional experts to guide a customer on the appropriate scan to book.

Detailed appointment booking confirmation emails, automated SMS and email appointment reminders, helping to reduce no-shows by 70% and multi-recipient secure medical reporting distribution.



The MEDITICE® referral tool enables a business to drive additional appointment reach and revenue by setting up specific referrers to refer services on your organisations behalf.

A referrer can include for example NHS trusts, GPs, private healthcare practices and even corporate businesses i.e. A member benefits program or partnership with a retailer.

There are multiple customizable attributes for the referrer setup and the service referred.

Referral acquisition and performance can be interrogated in the analytics module.

MEDITICE® the only software to optimise your diagnostic imaging centre.