The diagnostic imaging ecosystem that improves patient accessibility and optimises centre performance

MEDITICE® is a healthcare diagnostic imaging services 24/7 online appointment booking and diagnostic imaging centre management ecosystem. A new type of RIS and diagnostic imaging centre management system that dramatically improves the accessibility for referred, referral and self-refer patients to receive the consultation, diagnosis and treatment they require at the time and location most convenient to them. 

The MEDITICE® ecosystem improves operational efficiency, maximises utilisation, increases shareholder value and  drives intelligent workforce management.

MEDITICE® Making Diagnostic Imaging Accessible.

Patient Communication

Patient appointment communication to eliminate DNA


256-BIT encryption, Healthcare HIPAA compatible hosting

Online Booking Pathways

Multiple eCommerce payment pathways for self-pay and referrers

Process Automation

Programatic functions to optimise and improve clinic operation

Private Medical Enabled

Cost zones, booking pathways and billing for private medical referrals

Ease of Use

Engaging user experience to ensure diagnostic imaging clinic efficiency


Working within the private diagnostic imaging sector for in excess of 15 years, not only monitoring self-refer service demand increase, but have also driven self-pay customer acquisition and achieved operational efficiency, real-time availability and spearheaded eCommerce booking to ensure the customer get the best comprehensive care.

Our knowledge of both MRI and Ultrasound diagnostic services are second to none, we understand patient acquisition touchpoints and the operational demands it presents.  MEDITICE® functionality takes a traditional RIS / diagnostic imaging centre management system to a new level.


Whether a single diagnostic imaging centre, a group of centres or an international organisation, MEDITICE® provides the tools to ensure your operation is optimised, efficient and supports the delivery of a premium healthcare service to your customers.

All MEDITICE® users benefit from system improvements and new roadmap functionality as part of their active subscription at no extra cost.


The setup of the MEDITICE® ecosystem is seamless. From the very beginning, the team will guide and assist you through the onboarding process.

The intuitive user experience ensures medical professionals and support team can focus on their core tasks whilst using the system with a minimal learning curve.

MEDITICE® provides unlimited ongoing support to active subscriptions at no extra cost. We can also provide comprehensive training package if required.


MEDITICE® integrates with one of the worlds leading platforms for healthcare innovation – Microsoft Azure.

The robust Microsoft Azure platform is at the forefront of healthcare AI with enhanced security and support for ever-changing healthcare regulation and compliance, that provides MEDITICE® with a springboard to elevate both healthcare professional and patient experiences to ensure premium healthcare delivery is accessible.

Microsoft are committed to healthcare innovation, they have recently acquired Nuance, the No. 1 leader in their field of Medical AI dictation that also uses the Microsoft Azure platform.

MEDITICE® also integrates with other world leading providers to ensure the best technology infrastructure and delivery is achieved.

Integrating with world leading providers