Medical Reporting

Study reading and reporting with optional Nuance dictation through to report distribution and archiving.


The MEDITICE® medical reporting workflow enables the business to manage medical reporting commitments.

The report provision is programatically automated when a study is completed.  The reporting process enables defined users to create, review and send a report to nominated recipient(s).

Medical reporting provides a workflow from provisioning, creation, revisions and sending to ensure process are followed and HCP time is optimised.


MEDITICE® partners with the Worlds No.1 provider of Medical dictation services — Nuance.

Nuance, used by 90% of hospitals and over 10,000 healthcare organisations worldwide.

Nuance is an integral but optional part to MEDITICE® medical reporting.  The cost of this service is based on a usage level with a tiered payment on a per report created via dictation.


MEDITICE® the only software to optimise your diagnostic imaging centre.