Centre Management

From patient records to managing a private health group account, MEDITICE® makes it easy for you to keep on top of your daily business operational goals.


Being able to see how an individual diagnostic imaging centre services or department or even a private health group is doing on a real-time basis is a powerful analytical tool. User can also review historic data to make sure the centre goals are being met going forward.

Each ecosystem user has their own dashboard highlighting individual key daily tasks and responsibilities based on their defined user profile.


Flexible real-time business reporting allows a user to measure service delivery success, resources and budget accordingly from a range of dynamic real-time reports that are tailored to a centre.

Analyse granular detail on performance metrics and KPI’s to ensure the business is run efficiently and detect any centre bottlenecks or operational improvements that require attention.


Concerned your team are not following the correct centre procedures, protocols and regulatory guidelines?

MEDITICE® provides customisable operational procedure checklists that can be assigned to each service ensuring nothing is missed and the patient gets the highest quality service as per the set guidelines.

The compliance management feature broadcasts the company quality assurance and industry standard protocols to individual staff, ensuring the  company processes, procedures and any regulatory guidelines are followed. This is audited and a business report is generated to show workforce acknowledgement of individual protocols that can then be shown to a compliance officer and regulatory organisations.


The ability to create new scans or services, instantly and dynamically adjust the price of a service, based on the diagnostic imaging centre GEO location and appointment capacity is a powerful tool to support customer demand and also drives a competitive advantage against competitors in your sector.

The MEDITICE® dynamic pricing and capacity volumes can control paid search advertising discoverability and spend programmatically.


No problem, expanding and managing your diagnostic imaging centre network within MEDITICE® is easy, a user can instantly create locations to manage patient geographic demands with a few clicks. 

Scan services can be deployed to specific locations using the scheduling logic and staff schedules can be easily created for multiple location working making scheduling issues disappear.


The MEDITICE® revenue cycle management feature allows both patient and admin to make payments against defined transaction types assigned to each location.

This includes regional private medical insurance or health system part payment processing.

An easy to follow billing process workflow for each payment type is defined to ensure payments are taken, invoicing generated and, debtors flagged and accrued.

MEDITICE® the only software to optimise your diagnostic imaging centre.